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Friends and Family Referral Program

With the legalization of recreational cannabis we here at MMJ Express are excited to announce our friends and family “reefer-all” program. Refer a friend or family member and you will receive a free 1/8th on your next order.

*Requirements; All they have to do is give us your name and the address on their license must be their current address

10am-6pm 6 days a week!

We Serve the Entire Las Vegas Metro Area.


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Las Vegas Medical Marijuana

Must Be 21 and Over For Delivery

MMJ Express is one of Las Vegas’s largest medical marijuana delivery services. We have the lowest prices in Las Vegas for marijuana. We require all of our patients to VERIFY their information before delivery. We ask that you please submit your drivers license and recommendation through our VERIFY page. We check all submissions for validity and accuracy to ensure that you are able to receive Medical Marijuana. After you have submitted your information head over to our MENU and pick your medication out, make note of what you would like delivered and the quantity. Keep in mind that we have a minimum of a $100 donation. There will be a $20 additional donation for Downtown Las Vegas and Las Vegas Strip deliveries.

When your order is complete, we will call and verify your order and give you a delivery time.


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17 thoughts on “MMJ EXPRESS”


    Best way to get your Anything!! The service is amazing! I haven’t had a bad delivery 🚚 driver yet!! 🥰🥰

  2. They are the best !!! I have been with them over 10 years always willing to answer any questions I might have . They are the most friendliest people I’ve ever met!!! I feel like their family , they’re the best!!!
    I am so glad that my friend told me about them years ago and recommended me to them !! best decision I ever made by calling them!!
    Love you guys and The girls too!!!
    🏈🏈🏈🏈Roll Tide🏈🏈🏈🏈

  3. I have been buying from MMJ for eight years. Oz, David, Julie and everyone else who has ever taken my order or delivered it, has been awesome. The selection is always great no matter how you like your cannabis. I saved the best for last. The pricing is the very best in Las Vegas!

  4. OMG get a sample or get a bag of Tropicana was absolutely amazing! Triple Fire right here! The smell after it’s lit, the amazing flavor top shelf for sure if I was going to smoke with SnoopDog that’s the bag I would bring.
    Euphoric, focused, uplifting, aroma amazing & flavor.
    The effects are very cerebral meaning you will be on task; it might not be the right task but you’ll be on it!

  5. I have used MMJ Express for over 5 years for medical products and have never been disappointed. Great selection and prices with lightning fast delivery.

  6. The best of the best! My family loves using MMJ express. We’ve been with them for I believe over 3 years now and it’s been nothing short of amazing! David, Eli , y’all are so kind and absolutely amazing. The whole staff is just awesome. Literally this place is a whole vibe. The weed is on point the prices are the BEST especially for the awesome quality you’re getting! I won’t buy anywhere else, we love y’all! —Misty, Robert , and Makayla!

  7. I’ve been with MMJ for at least 5 years, maybe longer I don’t remember. Their service and selection is exceptional. I’ve checked out other dispensaries wondering if I could get a better price/quality and have not only been disappointed each time but HUGELY disappointed each and every time! Now I know I haven’t visited every dispensary in Vegas but I’ve been to 6-7 and that’s enough to make a fair comparison. I’m STILL with the company whose people and product have always been there for me, MMJ. I don’t bother with anybody else any more because I know even if somebody else runs a good sale, the quality won’t be there. MMJ simply CANNOT BE BEAT !!!

  8. I just got another great delivery from MMJ Express. If you can buy in quantity, i.e. an ounce, they have the best prices in town.
    The quality is as good as anyplace else in town. Thanks guys!

  9. Excellent ganja and great selection, always packaged 📦 great and always fresh. I give them 10 out of 10, delivery service in Guelph Ontario isn’t the best, but otherwise highly recommend 👌

  10. We have used MMJ EXPRESS for a few years. Their products are top notch and very effective. We have never been unhappy with any of their products or services. Delivery is always on time.

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